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Dinner Lunch
Sauteed mashed eggplant topped off with our yogurt sauce (best eaten with pita bread)
Badenjon Buranee
Sliced eggplant sauteed & topped off with yogurt sauce, tomato sauce, and herbs.
Crispy turnovers stuffed with seasoned ground meat, scallions, and chickpeas.
Crispy turnovers stuffed with seasoned potatoes and scallions.
Steamed dumplings stuffed with seasoned ground meat and onions; topped off with seasoned yogurt and tomato sauce.
Scallions filled dumplings topped with yogurt, delicately seasoned meat sauce & dry mint leaves.
Crushed chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon juice and olive oil; mildly spiced.
Soup of the day $8.95
Sides & Salads
Green Salad
Lettuce, cucumbers, shredded carrots and cabbage topped with house dressing.
Sm $3.95
Lg $8.95
Afghan Salad
Diced tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro and onions with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Seasoned Yogurt mixed with diced cucumbers and dried mint leaves.
White Sauce 8oz $2.95 | 12oz $4.95 | 16oz $5.95  
Specials And Extras
Lamb Shank
Succulent shanks of tender lamb simmered in our special house-made broth, served over Basmati rice (includes a green salad). Add our special "Qabili" to your rice for an authentic experience($3 extra)
Kofta Challow
Mildly marinated meat balls cooked in our house-made special gravy, served with a side of Basmati rice & includes a green salad.
Qabili (added to any entree)
Sweetened & Caramelized shredded carrots and raisins placed on top of our seasoned basmati rice.
Kabob Entrees
(All Entrees include a Green Salad and are Served with Basmati Rice)
Chicken Breast Kabob
Boneless chunks of chicken breast marinated in fresh grated spices and seasoning; char-broiled
Jujeh Kabob
Char-broiled cornish hen seasoned with saffron and our special house marinade.
Tikka Kabob (Shish Kabob)
Tender cubes of lamb or beef marinated in fresh seasoning blend ; char-broiled.
Kabob Kobideh (Ground Meat Kabob)
Char-broiled ground beef mixed with freshly grated herbs and seasoning.
Chicken Kobideh (Ground Chicken Kabob)
Ground chicken breast marinated with freshly grated seasoning and herbs.
Kabob Barg (Steak Kabob)
Specially cut top-blade steak, Marinated and delicately seasoned; char-broiled.
Chaplee Kabob
Choice of mildly spiced ground beef or lamb patties marinated with freshly grated vege tables seasonings.
Kabob Sultani
You choice of either Steak kabob or Chicken breast kabob served with kabob kobideh.
Chicken Sultani
Combination of chicken and kobedah
Fish Kabob
Fresh Filet of salmon seasoned and marinated with saffron, lemon and garlic.
Shrimp Kabob
Fresh shrimp marinated and delicately seasoned; char-broiled.
Lamb Chops
Tender rack of lamb marinated with garlic, lemon juice, and special seasoning. Char-broiled.
Vegetarian/Vegan Entrees
(Include a Green Salad and are served with a Side of Basmati Rice)
Fresh chopped Spinach seasoned with garlic and cooked with fresh herbs. (Vegan)
Fresh seasoned pumpkin cooked in our house tomato sauce and topped with yogurt. (Can be made without yogurt for vegan)
Sauteed eggplant cooked with a blend of tomatoes, onions and garlic. Topped off with our homemade yogurt sauce. (Can be made without yogurt for vegan)
Fresh okra cooked in a fresh garlic and tomato sauce. (Vegan)
Kidney Bean Stew
Seasoned Kidney Beans cooked and stewed in our special blend of tomatoes, onions and garlic. (Vegan)
*Side order of any vegetarian dish above $11.95  
(All Stew Entrees Include a Green Salad and are Served with a Side of Basmati Rice)
Eggplant and Lamb Stew (Gormeh Badenjon)
Mildly seasoned eggplant mixed with tender pieces of lamb. Cooked in our special house-made gravy of tomatoes & onions.
Beef or Lamb Stew (Gemeh)
Mildly seasoned chunks of beef or lamb mixed with split peas, simmered and cooked in our special house-made gravy.
Chicken Stew (Gormeh Morgh)
Boneless chicken breast cooked and stewed with our special blend of tomatoes, onions and special seasonings.
Chunks of chicken breast cooked with garlic and mixed with our house-blend of cream sauce. Mildly spiced.
(All Combinations include Green Salad and Rice)
*Substitution of any Kabob For Fish, Shrimp $8, or Lamb Chops $15 extra
*1 steak kabob included in each combo (Each additional Steak Kabob $4 extra)
Kabob Combo
Choice of any two different kabobs (#1-7 on kabob menu included).
Dinner for Two
Choice of two different kabobs (#1-7 on kabob menu) and one stew or vegetarian dish.
Dinner for Four
Choice of four different kabobs (#1-7 on kabob menu) and two stews or vegetarian dish.
Family Combo
Choice of six different kabobs (#1-7 on kabob menu), two stews, and one vegetarian dish.
Vegetarian/vegan Combo
Choice of any two vegetarian/vegan dishes.
Ice-cream (Homemade)
A traditional made from scratch, hand churned ice-cream, flavored with saffron and a hint of rosewater.
Fresh baked Baklava
A fresh made layered pastry filled with pistachios, almonds, walnuts and sweet honey syrup.
Firni (Homemade Pudding)
Homemade pudding made from milk and flavored with saffron.
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